Our Authentic Charcoal Barbecue Menus

Perfect for a more informal occasion, our charcoal barbecues make food taste divine with that all important authentic flavour!
We marinade all our meat two days before your event to ensure a truly delicious, mouth-watering experience.
At Sussex Chef we use only the best, locally sourced meat and endeavour to use as much produce from the local area as we can.
We strive to make your event as perfect & as personable as possible ensuring you the best service & quality from your
first initial contact with our team to the last clean plate.
The following menus have been designed by Head Chef Ben Horle to spoil your friends and family or impress your clients.

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Sussex Sizzler

Succulent chicken

Marrinated in jerk, chilli and corriander and grilled to perfection over hot coals.

Slow cooked pulled pork

Marinated in sage, garlic and bay. Then slow cooked in our authentic BBQ sauce, then grilled over smoldering coals for that authentic BBQ flavour

Spicy tiger prawns

Marinated in chilli, lime and garlic and cooked in flame wok’s over smoldering coals for that authentic BBQ flavour

Charred red peppers

stuffed with mediterranean vegetables, couscous, coriander &


  • Mango and corriander salsa to compliment the chicken
  • Apple and mustard ketchup to compliment the pork
  • Maple & siracha butter to compliment the prawns

Sussex Signature Menu

Sussex sirloin steak (3oz)

Dry aged sirloin steak marrinated in garlic and craked black pepper, flame grilled over hot coals and then finished with fresh chopped pasley

Salt marsh lamb steak

marinated in Rosemary, rock salt, lavender and balsamic grilled over hot coals

Loin of Pork

Marrinated in salt, cracked black pepper, garlic and crushed bay leaves

Charred red peppers

stuffed with mediterranean vegetables, couscous, coriander &


  • Mushroom ketchup to compliment the Steak
  • Cuecumber, mint and garlic tzatziki to compliment the Lamb
  • Apple and thyme sauce to compliment the pork

Garden kitchen menu

Quinoa & corriander burgers

The ultimate burger, tastier than any other we’ve tried. With so many different flavours going on this is more tasty than any meat burger we’ve wever tasted.

Portobello mushrooms

Stuffed with gorganzola and local cheddar and topped with breadcrumbs and chopped herbs

Charred red peppers

stuffed with mediterranean vegetables, couscous, coriander &

BBQ cajun vegetables

BBQ wok coocked cajun vegetables, served on harissa houmous and drizzled with salsa verdi


  • Tomato, onion & corriander Salsa (v)
  • Spicy Harissa hummus(v)
  • Mint & cucumber tzaziki (v)


Locally baked bread perfect for which ever BBQ menu you pick.

Rock salt and rosmary foccacia

studded with rosmary and garlic and baked with lashings of ollive oil.

Assorted tradisional English rolls

Baked in the cottage bakery newick in the most traditional way


Your desserts will be served in wonderfull little jam jars for your guests to try and then work out thier favorate (a very tough decigion to have to make)...

Bourbon brownies

packed with toasted hazlenuts, rasins with lashings of chocolate and caramel sauce, honeycomb and topped with and topped with Chantilly cream

Lemon meringue pie

lovingly made with nutmeg sweet pastry, tangy lemon filling and topped with a soft glazed meringue, the pleasure starts the moment you unscrew the lid and lasts beyond the last lick of the spoon.

Raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake

 with luxuary cream cheese and topped with rasperry saucse and white chocolate crumble

All images are copyright of Sussex Chef Catering 2019