About Us

So you’d like to get to know us a little better?

Here’s a bit about the company

Sussex Chef is all about good local food, service and making sure our clients enjoy the journey.
Started in 2012 by Ben on a tiny budget, Sussex Chef has now grown to be a small but extremely capable company. We cater for a whole range of sectors from weddings to corporate catering and contract catering.

We use as much good local produce as possible and go a little further for the rest.

We like to think our food is:

Made With Passion, Eaten With Pleasure

Now the really important bit, a business is afterall is just a name, the people in it are the ones you need to get to know.

Meet the Team


Ben Horle
Executive Chef and Proprietor

I only have few interests in life, cooking, looking after my family, colleagues, and clients.

Food is my biggest passion and I’d like to say that my cooking style is about selecting the best that is about, start locally and look a little further if you need to, make it taste great but make sure you can still recognise what your are eating on the plate.

Ben’s Goals

  • Cook to the highest standards
  • Make sure customers enjoy using the business
  • Have fun doing it

Lindsay Trufitt
Creative General Manager

What don’t I do, I’m the manager, I even get to cook some times! I make it my business to know the business. Since I joined back in the summer of 2016 I’ve been building on the foundations that Ben and Clare have built and I am taking every opportunity to make the Sussex Chef experience better each day and having lots of fun doing it.

Lindsay’s Goals

  • To make sure our client’s get the best out of our experience and feel confident from start to finish
  • To develop new ideas and identify up and coming trends
  • To up our marketing effort as I really feel we are the best local choice for any event


Tim Strachan
Head Chef

Tim is a veteran chef of over 30 years. Since Ben started Sussex Chef, he’s had is eye on Tim for the possition of Head Chef. Finally, Tim joined the Sussex Chef team in the summer of 2017. Tim is so passionate about cooking and dedicated to his profesion. He is a welcome addition to the team!

Tim’s Goals

  • To source the best local ingreadients he can get his hands on
  • To coach his team of chefs
  • To lay to rest the sterotype of the shouty chef, he’s cool calm and in control the whole time

Andrea Berquez
Event Coordinator

I started in January 2017, I look after clients and put together their quotations, I help plan peoples events and help them make the best choices personalised to their requirements. I am a big foodie and a fitness fanatic I run ultra marathons and races for fun, nutrition is a big part of my life so I am often part of the menu planning for our contract catering services.

  • To make sure that clients feel like a name not a number from start to finish
  • To ensure clients get the quote they are looking for
  • To obsess over the details


Annabelle Akdeniz
Commis Chef

Annabelle studied culinary arts in Turkey before returning home to work with at Sussex Chef. She aspires to own a cafe one day soon, serving a a mixture of Turkish and British cuisine with a big focus on delicious gluten free food. In fact, Annabelle makes one of the best gluten free breads we’ve ever tasted!

Annabelle’s Goals

  • To hone in on her skills and broaden her culinary knowledge
  • To own her on Café some day soon
  • To carry on learning and have fun doing it!
The Sussex Chef Food Map

At Sussex Chef we are passionate about using exceptional local produce, we don’t keep our suppliers a closely guarded secret either! click the map to find out more


The Sussex Chef Story

Sussex Chef began in 2012, by Ben Horle and his supportive wife Clare.
We started out by borrowing some money out of Ben’s parent’s pension pot and bought a catering trailer and set about cooking some of the finest meals from Ben’s repertoire, out of what looked like a burger van. Ben and Clare were overjoyed at the arrival of their son Joe on the 15th May 2012, it was a Tuesday. Our first catering job was for a Lord and Lady 5 days later on Sunday, a bit of a baptism by fire! All went well and so started the journey.

The trailer must have been the only burger van with such high-tech cooking equipment in it in the country, it had all the toys that the big restaurants had, Vac pack machine, Sous Vide (water bath) to name a couple (the kind of thing you see on master Chef).

Using the best local ingredients and serving in a smart, attentive yet discreet manner became very popular and the trailer soon had to go as things were getting busy!

Then we moved indoors! Hurray no more defrosting the tap with the blow torch!