Buffet Deliveries in Sussex

Buffet Delivery

A selection of beautifully presented, delicately made platters for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Buffet Delivery

Whether you’re after an afternoon tea, finger buffet or beautifully presented traditional country style buffet, Sussex Chef have the perfect delivery menu for you. Carefully sourced local ingredients are given the real culinary care and attention needed to bring out the most amazing natural flavours.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea Menu

You cannot get more British than a quintessential afternoon tea! Miniature sandwiches and homemade sausage rolls, tiny quiches and scones with clotted cream and jam. Your afternoon tea will probably be one of the best your guests have ever eaten!

Fork Buffet

fork buffet
Fork Buffet Menu

Fork buffets are a great way to feed your guests, especially if you’re not quite sure if you’ll have space for all of your guests to be seated. Your buffet will be beautifully displayed on platters ready for you to lay out for your guests.

Finger Buffet

Finger buffet catering
Finger Buffet Menu

Finger buffets are a fantastic way to entertain your guests. We take great pride in making beautiful, tasty little items of finger food that will delight your guests!

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