Caterers for Valentines Day

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Catering for Valentines Day

In our line of work there is no greater compliment than being asked to cater for some one again. After a bout of ill health Mr Jenkins called apon us to cater for him and his wife Nicky, not just to cater for a Valentines day meal, but a complete surprise for her organised from his hospital bed. We collaborated with Mr Jenkins to  come up with a Valentines day meal that Mr and Mrs Jenkins would remember fondly forever!

Clare and I were somewhat flattered that Mr Jenkins thought of us for a third event, as the way that he wanted to surprise his wife on Valentines Day and took it as a great compliment.

Mr Jenkins gave us the brief on what he would like to be on the menu (showing that he truly knows what his wife likes) and we worked with him to create something memorable for them both.

Read on to see what we created for Mr and Mrs Jenkins on Valentines day….



With all the thoughtful planning John had put in to this wonderful surprise  for his wife, Clare and I thought we should throw in a little surprise for him. We laid on some canapés for them as a little surprise for John.

From left to right

Homemade Bread

One thing I love to make is bread! Home made bread is one thing that can’t be beaten. I was fortunate enough to get an authentic focaccia recipe from a friend of mine who is a food stylist and this was the perfect opportunity to have some fun with a recipe that had been given to me by a true professional.

I made

  • Laura’s Focaccia
  • Wholemeal cumin and spelt bread
  • Homemade brioche



John mentioned that he and Nicky love scallops and crab so we put hand dived scallops with fragrant crab served with a mango and chilli salsa on the menu.

We are so lucky that we have such a good fish supplier that can get us local sustainably sourced fresh fish on a daily basis.

With all these top quality ingredients it makes my job easy. I made the salsa using the fresh mango and coriander from  Tastables of Brighton with plenty of lime. It makes such a difference getting your supplies from a real grocer; it really enhances the  flavour of a dish.

The dish

  • hand dived scallops, fragrant crab with mango and chilli salsa

Palate Cleanser


After every fish course should come a palate cleanser. It does exactly what the name suggests and helps you go in fresh for the next course.

It is always good to go for citrus flavours to help cleanse the palate, and knowing that John and Nicky like dry wine, we went for the classic gin and tonic sorbet with a little twist of lime foam.

The dish

  • Home made gin and tonic sorbet with a lime foam




Next was the venison dish. John had requested venison as it was one of Nicky’s favourites, with some chanterelle mushrooms that he had seen in one of my other blog posts (another benefit of using Tastables is they can get hold of fantastic wild mushrooms) that fit the dish beautifully.

The dish

  • Local venison with celeriac and red wine jus


For dessert John requested that we put together a trio of desserts. It’s always quite tricky to put together three dishes that trio up together nicely, but we think we nailed it here.

In the glass a limoncello posset with burnt meringue and limoncello filled mini doughnut.
A white chocolate mousse with raspberry spherification.
Finally a lavender shortbread stack with cassis cream.

The dish

  • Trio of desserts


What do you think?

Do you know John and Nicky? Did you like what we did, or perhaps just have a question?
Get in touch below and we’ll get right back to you!