Finger Buffet Catering Menu

Our Finger Buffet Catering Menu is full of handmade finger food. A great choice for a large group of people when its standing room only!
All our hot and cold menu options below are available with our staffed services. We recommend a choice of 8 to 12 different finger buffet items with a good variety of meat, seafood, vegetarian and sweet finger foods.


Roasted chicken legs cooked in butter with English herbs (h/gf)
Chicken satay skewers with a peanut bang bang sauce (h/gf/df)
Thai chicken lemongrass sticks with spicy coconut (h/gf/df)
Crispy chicken pops with mustard mayonnaise dip (h/gf/df)
Coronation chicken on mini lettuce leaves (c/gf)


Bresaola goats cheese wraps with lemon oil and oregano (c/gf)
Rare roast beef with horseradish and Yorkshire pudding (h)
Mini steak and ale pie
made with hot water crust pastry (h)
Teriyaki beef skewers with sweet chili sauce (h/gf/df)


Sussex free range pork pies with caramelised apple (c)
Chorizo and potato frittatas with free range organic eggs (c/gf)
Organic scotched eggs made with our signature pork recipe (h/df)
Pork satay skewers
with soya sauce dip (h/gf/df)
Sussex sausage rolls with free range pork and homemade chutney (h/df)


Marinated Lamb Skewers with a minted yoghurt dip (h/gf)
Spicy lamb boats with pinenuts (h/gf/df)


Aromatic crispy duck filo cups with watermelon (c/df)
Mini peking duck pancakes with a plum sauce (h/df)


Wild boar sausages with onion chutney (h)
*Venison tarts with cranberry sauce and creme fraiche (h)
Roasted breast of guinea fowl with a citrus pine nut stuffing (h)


Salmon skewers with salsa verde dip (c/gf/df)
Prawns in filo cups with ginger, lime and coriander (c/df)
Miniature Fish & Chips with horseradish and chunky chips (h/df)
Beetroot cured salmon blini with sour crème, chive and lemon (c)
Thai crab salad on mini lettuce leaves (c/gf)


Fresh spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables (h/df)
Mediterannian vegetable skewers with halloumi (h/gf)
Fig & mozzarella skewers drizzled with basil and honey (c/df)
Miniature baked potatoes topped with cream cheese and chive (h/gf)
Vegetable sushi rolls with a soya sauce dip (c/gf/df)
Sesame rolled falafel balls with a humus dip (h/gf)
Homemade cheese straws made with Sussex cheddar and thyme (c/df)
Stuffed vine leaves stuffed with seasoned rice (c/gf/df)
Mini handmade quiche filled with roasted red peppers and local goats cheese (h)

Sweet desserts

Chocolate rocky road with gooey marshmellows (c)
Mini Summer berry tartlets with fresh cream (c)
Mini lemon merangue tartlets with zestly lemon filling (c)
Petit mont blancs with candied chestnuts, syrup and chantilly cream (c/gf)
Fresh fruit skewers drizzled with a honey glaze (c/gf/df)
Brandy snaps filled with berry infused mascarpone (c/gf)
Carrot cake pieces with cream cheese frosting (c)
Stem ginger flapjacks dipped in chocolate (c/gf/df)
Cinnamon apple crumble spoons with creamy natural yoghurt (c)
Vanilla cheesecake pots with fresh fruit topping (c)

c = cold / h = hot
gf = gluten free / df = dairy free