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The Private Chef Experience

Looking for a refreshingly relaxed dinner party dining experience for you and your guests?

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Your Private Chef Dinner Party

Private Chef Dinner Party

Bring together close family and friends.

Your Private Chef Experience is the perfect way to enjoy great food without the price tag of a formal fine dining meal. The Private Chef Experience has been designed with relaxed dining in mind!

Your Private Chef will present you with an array of sharing platters all cooked to perfection for you to enjoy and pass around the table.

Sitting back you exhale deeply reaching a hand out for your favourite glass of wine. You are dressed in your favourite outfit; you had the time to lay the table perfectly and your chef is busy cooking and the smells coming from the kitchen are beginning to make your mouth water.

You shut your eyes to take in a moment of silence then suddenly there is a ring at the door, you feel a rush excitement as you greet the smiling faces of family and friends.

Unlike other parties you have hosted in the past, not being shackled to the oven gives a sense of freedom for lively conversation. There is no rushing around just great company, wine, and when you sit down your chef presents to you such a tasty feast to share that your guests are still talking about it long after they have left.

What to expect

Private Chef Dinner Party

A private chef service designed to be simple and easy for you.

We have designed a menu to make the most of each of the seasons to serve your guests in the centre of the table. On the evening your chef will arrive smartly dressed 2 hours before your meal is due to be served. They will make themselves at home in your kitchen and need the use of your oven and hob to cook your meal (please let us know if you have an AGA). Your private chef will then clean everything that is not in use away and leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening with your guests.

With our private chef dinner service we only provide a chef or chefs, everything front of house is your domain, and we use your own crockery and cutlery. Pre-event delivery and post-event collection of crockery, cutlery and glassware hire can be arranged.

Do you want EVERYTHING done for you?
Our fine dining dinner party catering may be better suited to your needs – please take a look …

Fine dining dinner party

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives”
Oscar Wilde

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