Wedding Barbecue Menus

Chef Ben has created our barbecue wedding menus using the best ingredients Sussex has to offer. Ben and the team always cooks over charcoal for an authentic barbecue flavour, it really doesn’t get any better.

Ben says…

“Barbecuing is probably the most exciting part of my job, and I’ve put a lot of effort in to it too! From getting the marinades right, to brining the meats so they taste smokey yet succulent, and to the challenge of cooking over coals and getting the timings and temperature perfect. Of course, no matter what your budget is you need to have good food on your wedding day, if you serve up our Sous Vide Ribs next to our Barbecue Lobster you’d have a tough time deciding between the two! I think there really is something for everyone on our barbecue menus!”

Sussex Sizzler

An all-round delicious menu with carefully chosen accompaniments with locally sourced free-range produce

Hot off the Coals

Whole Butterfly Chicken
marinated with mango & rum

BBQ Pork Ribs
marinated in seseme glaze

Baked Seabass
with lemongrass & ginger

Vegetable Kebabs (v) (g/f)
with peppers, mushrooms and halloumi
(alternative vegetarian dishes available from our garden kitchen menu)


British Garden Salad
baby leaves, cucumbers, spring onions, tomatoes & radishes

New Potato Salad
with fresh English herbs & olive oil (v)

Homemade Signature Coleslaw
with cabbage, carrot & red onion (v)


Avacado & Mango Salsa (v)
Homemade Barbeque Dressing
Wholegrain Mustard &
Honey Dressing (v)
Rosemary & Rock Salt Focaccia Bread (v)

Sussex Chef Signature

A very special menu using using only the finest possible locally sourced free-range produce

Hot off the Coals

Sussex Sirloin Steak (3oz)
sous vide & cooked medium on the barbecue

Whole Butterflied Leg of Lamb
with lavender & balsamic or garlic, rock salt & rosemary

Loin of Pork
marinated in sage & garlic

Red Peppers (v)
stuffed with basmati rice, cumin, corriander & olives
(alternative vegetarian dishes available from our garden kitchen menu)


Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous
with courgette, sundried tomato and baby mushrooms

Green Herb Salad
with fresh herbs, rocket, mange tout, lambs lettuce & spring onion

Heritage Tomato Salad
with fresh basil & buffalo mozzarella

Beetroot, Blood Orange
& Poppy Seeds

tossed with leafy ruby chard & mint


Apple & Thyme Chutney (v)
Mint & Cucumber Tzaziki (v)
Wholegrain Mustard
Mayonnaise (v)
Lemon Vinaigrette (v)
Rosemary & Rock Salt Focaccia Bread (v)

Garden Kitchen

A delicious Vegetarian Barbecue menu that converts even the
hardiest of meat eaters!

Hot off the Coals

Quinoa & Corriander
(g/f) (d/f)

Portobello Mushrooms (g/f)
with Olde Sussex cheese

Aubergines (g/f)
stuffed with feta, chilli & mint

Chargrilled Cajun
Vegetables (g/f) (d/f)

with courgette, peppers & baby corn


Giant Couscous Salad
with butternut squash & walnuts (v) (g/f) (d/f)

Beetroot, Blood Orange & Poppy Seed salad
tossed with leafy ruby chard & mint (v) (g/f) (d/f)

Creamed Broccoli Pasta
with fusilli, purple sprouting and
green stem broccoli,
spinach, parmesan & pine nuts (v)

Fig & Pomegranate Salad
with fine green beans,
mozarella & toasted hazlenuts (v) (g/f)


Tomato, Onion &
Corriander Salsa (v)
Spicy Harissa Hummous (v)
Mint & Cucumber Tzaziki (v)
Assorted Flatbreads (v)

Sussex Coast

A very elegant menu with sustainably caught local seafood

Hot off the Coals

Grilled Prawn Skewers
in maple & siracha butter

Cod Cheek & Chorizo Skewers
marinated in garlic butter

Tuna Steaks (3oz)
marinated in soy & orange

Whole Grilled Red Snapper
with lemon & ginger


Pea & Mint Pasta Salad
with a fennel & tarragon dressing

Marsh Samphire, Feta & Quinoa Salad
with broad beans, cherry tomatoes & spring onion


Anchovy Mayonnaise
Smoky Tomato & Yellow
Pepper Compote
Avacado & Mango Salsa

Focaccia Bread
with rosemary & rock salt

Add Oysters in a bloody mary sauce or
Grilled Half Lobster to your menu –
contact us for current pricing

Barbecue Desserts

Hot Fruit Skewers with pineapple, mango, banana & strawberry served with dark chocolate sauce or fruit coulis (h)

Bourbon Brownies drizzled in caramel & honeycomb sauce (c)

Summer Berry Pavlova made with local fresh cream & seasonal fruit (c)

Profiterole Tower with Belgian chocolate and local fresh cream (c)

Glazed Lemon Tart with poached strawberries & orange tulles (c)

Dark Chocolate & Chilli Tart with lime crème fraîche (c)

Cherry Cheesecake with chocolate and local fresh cream (c)

Brandy Snap Basketswith iced raspberry mascarpone (c)

(c) = cold, (h) = hot