Wedding Buffet Catering in Sussex

Wedding Buffets

Wedding buffet catering is a wonderful way of catering for your wedding in Sussex because there is a bounty of local produce that will
make your wedding buffet look and taste wonderful.

Whether you are thinking of having a hot wedding buffet or a cold wedding buffet, Sussex Chef will make sure that you receive a beautiful and
well thought out buffet that will get your taste buds going and guests talking!

We pride ourselves on providing the most attractive and tasty wedding food possible with excellent service to match. We can create beautiful
displays to match the theme of your wedding, rustic seems to be very popular!

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Hot and Cold Wedding Buffets

At Sussex Chef we make all our Wedding buffet food from scratch, we toil in the kitchen for hours to make sure that we create perfect food that will leave a lasting memory for you and your guests.
We source food from local farms to ensure we procure the very best produce available. We always aim to serve your wedding buffet with style and sophistication, we make sure they are a plentiful affair and make sure that they are always replenished so what ever time your guests come up to get served they will be met with a plentiful and well garnished display of food.

Planning your Wedding Buffet

The best thing about a wedding buffet is that you can serve such a variety of different foods that is bound to please all your guests pallets. Wedding Buffets are well suited to both formal and informal weddings and are a wonderfully social way of dining.

Cold Wedding Buffets

Cold wedding buffets are well suited to summer weddings and can have such a beautiful arrangements of cold meats, fish, shellfish and salads and plenty of artisan breads. We can incorporate your wedding theme into your wedding buffet catering by using themed menus or food from different country’s

Hot Wedding Buffets

Hot wedding buffets are great for wedding receptions in the autumn and winter months or weddings being held later in the day in summer. Hot buffets are usually the most affordable way of catering for a wedding

Hot and Cold Wedding Buffets

Having a hot and cold wedding buffet is a great way of having a three-course wedding breakfast. Usually, a cold buffet is served as the starter, then a hot buffet for the main course with the dessert course being a selection of both hot and cold desserts.

Wedding guests with dietary requirements

In these modern times the list of dietary requirements is ever growing. At Sussex Chef we feel it is imperative that everyone at your wedding should be able to eat enjoy themselves and be able to eat and feel save in the knowledge that their dietary needs are being catered for. So if you or any of your guests require a Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Halal, Vegan or Kosher diet, or have any Allergies to be catered for the team at Sussex Chef are at your service.


Another thing to consider when planning your wedding breakfast is how long do you plan to be eating for?

We endeavour to make sure all our wedding catering services we offer are prompt and attentive, hot and cold buffets tend to take longer to serve per course than other sit down meals as the guests have to come up and get their food and usually like to have a little chat as they are choosing their food. That being said it is always possible to set up one or more identical buffets around the dining venue to speed up the service. This means that each buffet station will serve fewer guest simultaneously so the waiting time will be greatly reduced, this a great thing to keep in mind when booking your wedding venue if you have your heart set on a buffet for your wedding.

Every wedding is different, so many factors influence your wedding buffet and your wedding day as a whole the list really does go on: What time of day is the reception? How far have people travelled? Are there young children attending? At Sussex Chef we make sure that we offer you the benefit of our experience and put the choices in your hands.

With outstanding reviews you’re in safe hands

“Thanks Clare, Just in case we don’t speak again both Ann and I plus I am sure Naomi and Josh would like to thank you, Ben and all your staff for the excellent food and service provided. In particular your help and patience in the planning was much appreciated.Hyde Estate have also emailed confirming their appreciation of the neat and tidy state the venue was left in. We would not hesitate to provide a reference if you ever require one and we wish you all the very best success.”


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