Wedding Breakfast Catering in Sussex

Wedding Breakfast Catering

The sit-down meal on your wedding day is known as the wedding breakfast, because it is the first meal you have as a married couple.
All the team at Sussex Chef would be delighted to cater for your wedding breakfast and be a part of such an important and special meal.
We’d like to offer you the benefit of our experience to help you plan your sit-down wedding meal.

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Wedding Breakfast Planning


The sit-down wedding meal or wedding breakfast is one of the most important parts of your day and is often the most relaxed, with the right caterer. Imagine your dream venue beautifully dressed with fresh flowers, the space filling with your closest friends and family in high spirits and full of good will and cheer towards you, the newlyweds. Everyone bustling about with excitement to find out where they are sitting and next to whom, then relaxing into their seats expectantly awaiting what culinary treats you have chosen for them to enjoy before the fun within the speeches.

Choosing your wedding breakfast style of service

Sussex Chef would love to help you plan your wedding breakfast and we have plenty of ideas to help you make it an enjoyable event for you and all of your guests. The quality of our natural ingredients, with the knowledge and technical experience of our chefs, allows you to be true to your own individuality. You can confidently choose a style of dining that reflect both your personalities without ever compromising on the quality of your food.

What style would suit you?
I desire sophistication and flawless perfection. We recommend a luxurious fine dining experience with a dedicated team of artisan chefs creating your perfect food design creations on every plate. Combine this with a highly attentive front of house team.

I love the look of white crisp linen with decorated place setting but I also want the day to reflect my carefree personality with a fun vibe?
We recommend looking at our sharing platter menus where food is brought to your table on slate platters for all to share and enjoy together across the table. This can be barbecue food, carved meats or homely hot pots.

From food to service to timings, Sussex Chef is here to help you plan and cater for your wedding day meal so it will be a food experience to remember!

Slates and Creates

Good food, spirits and sharing with family and friends. Barbecues, cured meats and hot pots are a great way of serving your guests in an informal manner on your wedding day.

Hot Buffets

Chaffing dishes full of hot comfort dishes or exotic meals for the more adventurous types. Hot buffets are a great way to offer your guests a variety of different dishes.

Cold Buffets

Good food, spirits and sharing with family and friends, Cold buffets are often a great way of creating wonderful, beautiful and plentiful displays of food that will get your guests talking!

Alternative Wedding Meal Ideas

Sussex Chef have helped brides and grooms plan many alternative wedding reception ideas. Anything is possible and there are so many fun wedding catering ideas we can bring to the table to help you have a wedding meal to remember. Just some alternative wedding meal ideas we have helped our clients achieve are:

Table names – A simple idea but a rather nice touch, rather than number your tables give them names. You can name the tables after places you’ve been and have little place cards letting your guests know why this place is special to you, you can even take it a step further and tell them why you chose the them to sit there!

Sharing Starters – Another good way to get people to get to know each other! The Idea here is to get people involved and sharing bits around, the most popular sharing starters tend to be mezze platters or antipasto platters, we’ve also catered for other unique wedding starters such as picnic hampers brought to the table full of traditional picnic food like our wonderful homemade scotch eggs with local organic eggs.

Secret Chef – This is a fun wedding catering idea were one chair on each table is garnished with a chef’s hat and apron. Your unsuspecting guest will wonder why the chef has left his effects on their chair, then to be told to put on their apron and chef hat and make their way to the kitchen to collect a platter of meat that they must carve and serve to the rest of the guests at the table. Secret chef is a fun way to get people interacting on your wedding day!

Swapping Dishes – This wedding catering idea is helpful for those couples that what to offer their guests a choice but have perhaps sent out their invites before settling on a caterer or just don’t want the bother of asking each guest which dishes they’d like on the day. We prepare 50% of each dish and present one dish to the ladies and the other to the gentlemen, your guests are then invited to haggle and swap their dishes for their preferred choice.

Make Your Own Dessert – this sounds like a messy idea but don’t worry we won’t be getting your guests to whisk up cream at their table, we lovingly prepare the complete dish in its separate elements for your guests to put together all within the space of their plate. This works well with traditional desserts such as trifle or Eton mess. Yet another idea for your Sussex wedding.

Secret Wedding Singer – this is an old trick but one many younger couples know nothing of it. This is where you hire a singer to dress up as a waiter or waitress that will carry out “the wedding cake” at some point of the meal. Unknown to your guests this is a “dummy cake” (that to your guest’s horror) the singer in disguise will drop! He or she and their team will then serenade you and your guests while the cake gets cleared up. The fun part of this idea is you will have a great time finding out who realised it was a setup and those who just think it was a lovely thing for the waiters to do!

Catering for dietary requirements on your wedding day

If you or some of your guests have dietary requirements we want to make sure that they too get to relax and enjoy their day with you. If you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant or have allergy’s or any diet because of religious beliefs such as, Halal or Kosher diets that need to be catered for, what ever the circumstance we will help you cater to individual guests or if you prefer, design the entire menu so that everyone feels looked after.


Timings are so important when planning your wedding breakfast. There are lots of things to think about on the wedding itinerary and your wedding breakfast deserves an itinerary of its own.
Some of the factors to consider we list here but the rest we usually iron out all the common concerns at your  wedding tasting as not all will be relevant to you.

Things to think about when planning your wedding breakfast are;

what time are you getting married? Are your guests having to skip lunch to be at your wedding?

Are you having canapés? How old are the children attending? Are any of your guests diabetic?

When are you planning to have you speeches?

Are you planning to use the wedding cake as your dessert or for the evening buffet? Then when will the cake be cut? Will the caterers have time to serve it after you’ve cut it?

When are the evening guests arriving? when will the band start? Do they need feeding?

The list is almost endless but relax this is where we will help you plan and stay on top of the decision making!

With outstanding reviews you’re in safe hands

“Thanks Clare, Just in case we don’t speak again both Ann and I plus I am sure Naomi and Josh would like to thank you, Ben and all your staff for the excellent food and service provided. In particular your help and patience in the planning was much appreciated.Hyde Estate have also emailed confirming their appreciation of the neat and tidy state the venue was left in. We would not hesitate to provide a reference if you ever require one and we wish you all the very best success.”


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