Gluten free naked wedding cake

gluten free nacked wedding cake

Gluten-free naked wedding cake

For Sophie and Stephen

Sophie and Stephen are getting married this year in June in a Beautiful World Tents Giant Hat tipi and we are delighted they are considering us as their caterers for there wedding day.

Sophie and Stephen came in for a wedding tasting of our popular barbecue wedding menu, I specially prepared their whole menu to be completely nut and gluten free, and I think I am right in saying they loved every thing we made so much that they asked if we could make their wedding cake.

Today I have made them a single tier cake for them to see and taste.

Clare, Rachel and I believe that weddings should be a very personal and luxurious affair and that’s why we make all our food with the very best ingredients. Our eggs are free range, organic and come from Grassington Farm just one and a half miles away, the sponge is made with Doves Farm Gluten free flour and filled with Little Scarlet jam from Wilkin and Sons in Tiptree in Essex where Clare and I used to live and in my opinion is the best jam on the planet!

I’m sure they will like the cake I have made for them and will go on to book with us, hopefully they will keep us updated in the comments below.

If you have any questions on how the team at Sussex chef can help with your wedding plans please feel free to comment below or get your personalized quote by filling out the contact form.

How did the cake turn out on the day?

Sophie and Stephen were both thrilled with thier wedding cake!
I’m so happy to have created something so tasty for them both, just as they wanted it on thier wedding day.

Naked wedding cake