Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner Party Catering in Sussex

There are so many excuses to indulge in hosting a Dinner Party with the help of Sussex Chef; a birthday, a christening, a house warming, an anniversary, an engagement or just because…

Whatever your motivation it always helps to get an in-site into what you might expect for your next dinner party, so we, at Sussex Chef, have compiled a few images of some of our recent work and want to tell you about the process involved in how we make sure you have the perfect dinner party.

The main secret is that ; ‘it’s all in the PREPARATION.’

We make sure dinner parties are a relaxing and enjoyable expedience for all our clients, and take care of all the hard work so you can relax, unwind and enjoy hosting your dinner party while indulging in food made with a passion!

So it all starts off with a phone call Clare on 01342 714 274 or you can email her at She will then talk through some ideas and help you decide on your perfect menu.

Chef Ben and his team of chefs will source the very best ingredients the day before your job and get to work preparing all the food in our kitchen which is refrigerated overnight ready to be taken to your kitchen the next day in our refrigerated van.

On the day our team will usually arrive two hours before your dinner party guests are due and begin to set up. All the kit and food is unloaded from the van and the all team will be focusing on getting the food and kitchen organised to begin cooking. This can take an hour but as soon as everything is unloaded and accounted for the head waitress will be focused on laying up the dining table and ensuring everything is looking presentable and clean for when your guests arrive.

The kitchen team will be working hard to ensure all the canapes are ready to serve upon your guests arrival. The waiting team will serve the canapes to each individual guest and offer them a reception drink for normally about an hour. In this time the chefs will be very busy preparing the first course ready to be served once all the guests are seated. Wine will be open on the table or poured by the waiting staff depending on the formality of the occasion, and then the meal begins.

Once the knives and forks have been folded on the plate the starters will be cleared whilst the kitchen is busy putting the finishing touches to the fish course at the very last moment so that it gets to you in perfect shape. There is normally more wine poured and a lot of a chatter among the host and their guests before serving the main course which will be being made ready. The main course will be served and cleared, then again after a small breather and when your ready dessert will be served.

Everything will then begin to be cleared away as if we had never been in your kitchen whilst your guests enjoy an after dinner coffee or a night cap before the evening comes to an end.

“We’ve had to cope with many different kitchens in our time and some times It can be a balancing act, but it goes out perfect every time!”


Case Study: A House Warming Party with Friends

5 Course Meal for  6 guests at £115 per person

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small insight in to what goes on in the kitchen!

Please get in contact for a free, no-obligation quote, Clare and Ben will be glad to discuss your needs.

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