Planing Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Planning

Planning Your Wedding  is a big job and you’ve probably read a lot of wedding websites like or You and Your Wedding and got alot of advice regarding that big question “How to choose a wedding caterer” and these site do offer a lot of advice such as but all they really do is point out a few questions you should ask. So we thought we’d list some of the most commen questions and also some wedding myths that are all to common. 


Wedding FAQs and Myths

Wedding Catering FAQs

There’s a lot to think about

There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding and our team are on hand to help guide you through, but here are the most freaquently asked questions that our former newly Weds ask.

What can we have?

Pretty much anything you want! Think about what you like, what time of year it is and what sort of style you want to go for. Sussex Chef Excell at BBQs, plated sit down meals and decident Buffets that look and taste fantastic.

Do you provide staff?

Ofcourse when you apoint Sussex Chef as your wedding caterer you will benefit from the experiance of our professional wedding catering team not only on the day but we are here with advice to help you make the right desigions leading up to your wedding day too!

Do you ever use agency staff?

This is always a good one to ask any wedding provider! The answer is only if we have to! We like to use our regular staff that we know and trust so we will only ever use agency staff as a last resort. We are a great company to work for so we don’t oftern have a problem with staff shortages, we also keep an eye on our diary and make sure we don’t take too much on, especially on weekends such as Goodwood and Brighton Pride etc…

Can you serve our own drinks?

Yes, although we do have a wonderful wine list that will save you the hastle, unlimited drinks packages and cash bar options too.

Canapé Menu
I like Sharing Platters, can we have those?

Yes ofcourse, just keep in mind that you will need to make more room on the tables to accomodate the food, the best way to do this is to keep centre peices to a minimum and have fewer people seated at a table, if you don’t you could be in for a slow and awkward service as your waiting staff and guests try to reorganize the table.

I’ve been quoted £xxxx.xx by someone else, can you beat it?

More ofteren than not, No. We only concern ourselves with delivering a level of service that you and ourselves can be proud of. If another company can caterer is offering to cater for you for less, My question would not be can Sussex Chef do a good job for that price?  But Can they?

What facilities do you need?

None, we are outside caterers by nature, we are able to supply any equipment nessasarry to make sure your wedding goes to plan,just let us know what you want and we’ll let you know what you need to make it happen.

How can I make my wedding catering stand out?

Sussex Chef have helped brides and grooms plan many alternative wedding catering ideas. Anything is possible and there are so many fun wedding catering ideas we can bring to the table to help you have a wedding meal to remember. Just some alternative wedding meal ideas we have helped our clients achieve are:

Table names – A simple idea but a rather nice touch, rather than number your tables give them names. You can name the tables after places you’ve been and have little place cards letting your guests know why this place is special to you, you can even take it a step further and tell them why you chose the them to sit there!

Sharing Starters – Another good way to get people to get to know each other! The Idea here is to get people involved and sharing bits around, the most popular sharing starters tend to be mezze platters or antipasto platters, we’ve also catered for other unique wedding starters such as picnic hampers brought to the table full of traditional picnic food like our wonderful homemade scotch eggs with local organic eggs.

Secret Chef – This is a fun wedding catering idea were one chair on each table is garnished with a chef’s hat and apron. Your unsuspecting guest will wonder why the chef has left his effects on their chair, then to be told to put on their apron and chef hat and make their way to the kitchen to collect a platter of meat that they must carve and serve to the rest of the guests at the table. Secret chef is a fun way to get people interacting on your wedding day!

Swapping Dishes – This wedding catering idea is helpful for those couples that what to offer their guests a choice but have perhaps sent out their invites before settling on a caterer or just don’t want the bother of asking each guest which dishes they’d like on the day. We prepare 50% of each dish and present one dish to the ladies and the other to the gentlemen, your guests are then invited to haggle and swap their dishes for their preferred choice.

Make Your Own Dessert – this sounds like a messy idea but don’t worry we won’t be getting your guests to whisk up cream at their table, we lovingly prepare the complete dish in its separate elements for your guests to put together all within the space of their plate. This works well with traditional desserts such as trifle or Eton mess. Yet another idea for your Sussex wedding.

Trio of Desserts – This is by far the most luxurious type of dessert you can have for a wedding meal. We will create a trio of deserts that will look beautiful and make sure that all the flavours complement each other too. This wedding catering idea has the added benefit that it will more than likely have something to please everyone, pleasing everyone in a large group is often a big concern for many many couples planning their wedding day!

Secret Wedding Singer – this is an old trick but one many younger couples know nothing of it. This is where you hire a singer to dress up as a waiter or waitress that will carry out “the wedding cake” at some point of the meal. Unknown to your guests this is a “dummy cake” (that to your guest’s horror) the singer in disguise will drop! He or she and their team will then serenade you and your guests while the cake gets cleared up. The fun part of this idea is you will have a great time finding out who realised it was a setup and those who just think it was a lovely thing for the waiters to do!


Can you Cater for dietary requirements?

If you or some of your guests have dietary requirements we want to make sure that they too get to relax and enjoy their day with you. If you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant or have allergy’s or any diet because of religious beliefs such as, Halal or Kosher diets that need to be catered for, what ever the circumstance we will help you cater to individual guests or if you prefer, design the entire menu so that everyone feels looked after.

When do you need to know our timings?

Timings are so important when planning your wedding breakfast. There are lots of things to think about on the wedding itinerary and your wedding breakfast deserves an itinerary of its own.
Some of the factors to consider we list here but the rest we usually iron out all the common concerns at your  wedding tasting as not all will be relevant to you.

Things to think about when planning your wedding breakfast are;

what time are you getting married? Are your guests having to skip lunch to be at your wedding?

Are you having canapés? How old are the children attending? Are any of your guests diabetic?

When are you planning to have you speeches?

Are you planning to use the wedding cake as your dessert or for the evening buffet? Then when will the cake be cut? Will the caterers have time to serve it after you’ve cut it?

When are the evening guests arriving? when will the band start? Do they need feeding?

The list is almost endless but relax this is where we will help you plan and stay on top of the decision making!

Wedding Catering Myths

Having a marquee wedding in my parents garden will save costs.

Think again I’m afraid, Having a marquee is a life style choice not a cost saving exersise, it’s your oppotunity to plan exactally how you want your wedding to go and not be confind to the way the wedding venue like to work.

Hireing a maquee, tables, chairs, dance floor, bar, generator, toilets and an out side caterer to look after everything will cost far more than hiring a hall or having your wedding at a hotel were everything is ready to go.

Don’t tell them it’s a wedding! They’ll put the price up!

Everyone’s heard this one and its utter nonsence!

The reasons weddings tend to cost more is due to the number services that you want to have on your wedding day that you might not usually have at a general catered event.

  • Reception Drinks
  • Canapes
  • Table service
  • Dining drinks service
  • Toasting drinks
  • Cake cutting service
  • Evening food 
  • Bar Service
  • Clearing away at the end of the night

On their own they don’t sound like much but all to gether they are a big responcibility and to exicute them perfectly they do incure a cost. 

That’s it for now, Anything else you’d like to know?

If there is anything else you might like to know or think might be useful for others why not send us an Email and let us know!

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